Refund Policy

All subscribers have 72 hours to request a refund after registration is complete. To receive a 100% refund, the subscriber must submit an email request within 48 hours of registering for any 1 of 3 (or all 3 instructional tracks). If you request a refund after 72 hours have passed, you will get a refund less a 30% administrative fee if you are eligible (see below). All refund requests must be submitted via email to

You are ineligible for a refund if you are found to be in violation of RISIST’s Honor Code or otherwise violate the Terms of Use. You will not be issued a refund. In addition, if you do not pass or if you otherwise receive an unsatisfactory assessment for an instructional track, you will not be issued a refund. If you do not complete the certification in the time allotted for completion, you will not be issued a refund.

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