RISIST envisions a world so transformed by intersectionality that 7+ billion people equitably share the resources and power necessary to sustain the world.


We at RISIST focus on improving the world’s understanding and application of intersectionality, the most innovative approach to resolving persistent injustice and inequality on the planet. As a cooperative social enterprise we empower individuals and organizations to educate themselves and collaborate with each other in order to leverage the power of “big data from the grassroots.” RISIST “walks the walk” by providing high quality work that advances social justice in a transparent context.

RISIST Academy

Track One


Activism & Advocacy

Activism & Advocacy track focuses on certifying activists, advocates, and organizers to implement intersectional campaigns for social and political change.

RISIST Academy

Track Two


Human Capital & Organizational Transformation

Human Capital and Organizational Transformation track focuses on certifying executive directors, CEOs, managers and leaders in development to implement intersectional policies in their non-profit, non-governmental, or philanthropic organizations and across their sector.

RISIST Academy

Track Three


Research & Scholarship

Research and Scholarship track focuses on certifying students, researchers and academics to implement intersectional research designs through community-engaged research.





AMHA is an internationally recognized scholar of intersectionality, with 20 years of experience in the field. She has consulted with grant makers and nonprofits for the past six years, conducting research projects, leading workshops, and serving on panels.

RISIST Academy Experts

  • Professor NIRA YUVAL-DAVIS

    More than 50 years of activism and scholarship in Israel and Britain have led to positions at the national and international level.

  • Professor SHAFIQA AHMADI

    Have a groundbreaking work on the experiences of Transgender students, Muslim students in higher education, survivors of sexual assault, discrimination in the domains of housing, and access to services.

  • Dr.AMHA

    Tenured professor of Gender Studies, Political Science and Sociology at the University of Southern California and CEO of RISIST.


RISIST, Research Institute for the Study of Intersectionality & Social Transformation, is an online, interdisciplinary intersectionality research collective that is focused on the future of social justice. RISIST runs the RISIST Academy, which provides paying clients with training videos, workshops and implementation plans to assist with the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion strategies that many organizations struggle to properly enact. Intersectionality Curriculum Workshops, Keynote Speeches, Meeting Facilitation for Difficult Topics, Multi-Method Empirical Research Projects, Panel Moderation, Organizational, Transformation Workshops, Research Presentations.


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Research Institute for the Study of Intersectionality & Social Transformation

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